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RESNA offers national certification for three specialties.Each certification promotes a standard for recognizing qualifications and validating broad-based knowledge required as the foundation for safe and effective service in the field of assistive technology. These standards aim to enhance service provision to people with disabilities who are seeking technology applications to maximize their ability to function in their environment.

Assistive Technology Professional Certification

The Assistive Technology Certification (ATP) recognizes demonstrated competence in analyzing the needs of consumers with disabilities, assisting in the selection of appropriate assistive technology for the consumer’s needs, and providing training in the use of the selected device(s).
The ATP examination is a 200 item multiple choice exam tests competency in the broad field of assistive technology practice.

Seating and Mobility Specialist Certification

The SMS certification is a specialty certification for professionals working in seating and mobility. While the ATP is a broad-based exam covering all major areas of assistive technology, the SMS exam is focused specifically on seating, positioning, and mobility. The program is intended for clinicians, suppliers, engineers and others involved in seating and mobility service provision.
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