Applying and Preparing for the Exam

ATP Exam Preparation

ATP Exam Resources

ATP Exam Resources Each candidate’s level of professional knowledge, AT experience, education, learning and test-taking styles varies. Therefore you are in the best position to structure preparation activities to meet your needs. Suggested resources noted here should serve as a starting point to plan your preparation activities. Other resources not listed may be of more help to you. RESNA’s provision of suggested resources does not assure success on the examination nor does it imply an endorsement of the resources listed. The resources listed merely reflect information gathered from AT industry sources, other organization, and RESNA members and certificants.

Online Practice Exams

RESNA provides a 50-question online practice exam for the ATP. For a $75 fee payable by credit card, you will have 60 minutes to complete the practice exam. When you complete the exam or at the end of the 60-minute session, you will be provided a raw score. However, you will not be able to see the questions you answered incorrectly, or an answer key. Go to ATP practice exam.

Practice Exam

Reference Books from RESNA Press

The following reference books are available for purchase from RESNA Press. Note that these books are general reference texts for the assistive technology field which many certificants have found helpful for general review of AT topics, but they are not endorsed by RESNA as an exam study guide, as the questions on the exams are not drawn directly from these books. A form for ordering these books and other publications is available on the RESNA website store.

Fundamentals in Assistive Technology, 4th Edition:This is the resource manual designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the Fundamentals in Assistive Technology course offered by RESNA at various times and locations. It contains twelve modules written by experts in the field along with course handouts, references, and other information presented in the Fundamentals course.

Assistive Technologies: Principles & Practice – 4th Edition,by A. Cook & J. Miller Polgar: This is a basic textbook for training individuals to become assistive technology practitioners (written at graduate student level), articulating the principles underlying the practice of assistive technology service provision and is highly recommended for practitioners and suppliers in the field.

Using these resources as a study guide, ask yourself:

  • Can you answer the questions at the end of the chapters?
  • Have you successfully synthesized the information?
  • Can you apply the information to your daily AT service provision, to other areas of assistive technology, to the overall needs of a client who would use various forms of assistive technology?

ATP Review Courses, Seminars, Workshops

As the certifying organization, it would be a conflict of interest for RESNA to provide review courses specifically designed to prepare for a certification exam. However, there are additional opportunities offered by other organizations which may be helpful when preparing for the ATP exams. RESNA attempts to gather information on these structured learning opportunities as it becomes available. RESNA does not intend the list to imply endorsement of specific courses, seminars, or workshops. If you have information on learning opportunities not yet on the RESNA list, please contact the Certification department at (703)524-6686 ext. 314 so that new opportunities could be added.

Click on the program below to be redirected to the appropriate website to search for review courses and materials that may be of interest: