Position Papers and Provision Guides

A RESNA Position Paper on Clinical Practice is an official statement by the organization that, based on the consensus of experts and evidence summarizes current research and best-practice trends in relevant areas of Assistive Technology. These Position Papers on Clinical Practice, issued by the international professional organization, declare the necessity (medical and/or functional) of specific assistive technology devices and services under appropriate circumstances, and guide practitioners in decision making. 

Procedures for the Development and Approval of RESNA Position Papers on Clinical Practice (PDF)

RESNA Position Papers Closed for Comment and Review:


Approved RESNA Position Papers:

Archived Position Papers

RESNA Position on the Application of Tilt, Recline and Elevating Legrests for Wheelchairs (2010)

RESNA Position on the Application of Wheelchair Standing Devices (2009)

Wheelchair Service Provision Guide

The purpose of the Wheelchair Service Provision Guide is to provide an appropriate
framework for identifying the essential steps in the provision of a wheelchair. It is designed for use by all participants in the provision process including consumers, family members,caregivers, social service and health care professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, funding source personnel and policy makers. This Guide does not specifically address requirements associated with any particular funding source. It provides guidance regarding when funding issues should be addressed in the process, and how to address them with the client, so that he or she is able to make informed decisions.

Wheelchair Service Provision Guide