Workshop Sessions

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
11:00 AM
Workshop Track/Topic Presenter(s)
WS01 - Analyses of Mobility Outcomes: What the Data Says (OUT) Service Delivery and Outcomes
Richard M Schein, Vince Schiappa, Carrnen DiGiovine, Greg Packer, Mark Schmeler
WS02 - ATP Ethics Survey Results – Preliminary Results (*CANCELLED*) (OUT) Service Delivery and Outcomes
Noel Estradahernandez, Patricia Bahr
WS03 - Introduction to EEG-BCI, Neurofeedback Systems, and Applications (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication
Maysam M. Ardehali, Qussai M Obiedat, Roger Smith
WS04 - “Is There an Echo in Here?” Using Amazon Echo for Smart Home Control (NEW) Emerging Technology

Charles Sammartino

WS05 - ATSB Report: New AT Standards During 2016-2017 (CRT) Seating and Mobility, including Complex Rehab Technology

Patricia Karg, William Ammer, Seanna Kingen, Peter Axelson

WS06 - Look What We Did!! Accommodations Show and Tell (JEA) Job & Environmental Accommodations, including Ergonomics

Linda Vogelman, John Wardzala, Cindi L Pichler

WS07 - RERC on Technologies to Support Successful Aging with Disability (NEW) Emerging Technology

Elena T Gonzalez, Tracy Mitzner, Jon Sanford, Wendy Rogers

1:15 PM
Workshop Track/Topic Presenter(s)
WS08 - Wheelchair Skills Training – a Practical Workshop on Popping Over Obstacles (INT) International Appropriate Technology

R. Lee Kirby and Cher Smith

WS09 - Enhancing Engineering and Health Professional Education through Collaboration to Create Assistive Technologies (OTH) Other

Emma M. Smith

WS10 - Overcoming Barriers to Best Practice: Keep the Client First (OUT) Service Delivery and Outcomes

Ginger Walls

WS11 - Utilizing Telerehabilitation and Virtual Reality Approaches for Motor and Cognitive Treatment through the Lifespan (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Sara E Benham and Rachel Proffitt

WS12 - Role of Focus Groups and Surveys in New Assistive Technology Product Development (NEW) Emerging Technology

James A Leahy

WS13 - Aging Track: Meeting Users’ Needs Through Technology: Guidance from Policy and Research (OTH) Other
Wendy Rogers, Tanya Gallagher
4:00 PM
Workshop Track/Topic Presenter(s)
SPON02 - NMEDA Presents Comprehensive Automotive Mobility Solutions for Health Professionals course (CAMS-HP) – (Vrobel and NOVA Director)

Andrea Vrobel, COTA, LMSW, CDRS 
Executive Director, National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility (NOVA)

WS14 - Leadership and Mentorship in Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering (PP) Public Policy and Advocacy

Richard M Schein, Carrnen DiGiovine, Mark Schmeler

WS15 - Introduction to IoT and its Potential AT Uses (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Kevin Caves, Leighanne M Davis

WS16 - Lessons Learned: Exploring Low Cost Virtual Reality Options for Therapeutic Applications (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Amanda M Reinsfelder, Max Hammer, Dorothy Porcello, Ken Jones

WS17 - Policy Matters: Accessible Workplace Technology (PP) Public Policy and Advocacy

Corinne Weible

WS18 - Writing with All You’ve Got: Fostering Emergent Writing for Students who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Jennifer M Stylianos, Heather Gray

WS19 - Aging Track: Addressing Mobility Needs of Older Adults Through Innovative Powered Wheelchair Technology (PP) Public Policy and Advocacy
Emma Smith, Catherine Bigras, Pooja Viswanathan
Thursday, June 29, 2017
11:00 AM
Workshop Track/Topic Presenter(s)
WS20 - Sip ’n Puff: Is it really a thing of the past? (Or Is it just alive and well in Atlanta?) (CRT) Seating and Mobility, including Complex Rehab Technology

Chris Maurer, Mark Partridge, David Kreutz

WS21 - A Winning Team: Engineers, Clinicians, Patients, and Those That Love Them (OTH) Other

Brian W Burkhardt, Amanda M Reinsfelder, Katherine Kapus

WS22 - Introduction to Dragon List Commands (*CANCELLED*) (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Alan Cantor

WS23 - Emerging & Innovative Technologies Show & Tell (NEW) Emerging Technology

Andi Saptono, Richard M Schein, Emma Smith

WS24 - How Can We Get There From Here? Creating a National AT Outcomes System: Preliminary Data from the RESNA Community (OUT) Service Delivery and Outcomes

Heidi Koester, Roger Smith, James A Lenker

WS25 - Aging Track: Zero-effort Ambient Vitals Monitoring (NEW) Emerging Technology

Isaac Sung Jae Chang, Jennifer Boger

1:30 PM
Workshop Track/Topic Presenter(s)
WS26 - Using the Power Mobility Training Tool to Guide Power Mobility Training for Children with Multiple, Severe Impairments (CRT) Seating and Mobility, including Complex Rehab Technology

Lisa K. Kenyon

WS27 - Building Better Together - Designing Assistive Technology with End-users and within Interdisciplinary Teams (JEA) Job & Environmental Accommodations, including Ergonomics

Claire Davies, Elizabeth G Delarosa

WS28 - Emergency Management for Assistive Technology Dependent Users: EMDAC Experiences Over Ten Years (PP) Public Policy and Advocacy

John R. Schweitzer

WS29 - CTCA Sharing Solutions, Igniting Ideas (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Adina Bradshaw and Jill Baldessari

WS30 - It's Easier than you Think and Harder than it Looks: Conducting Usability Evaluations for AT Product Development (NEW) Emerging Technology

James A Lenker

WS31 - Note-Worthy Accommodations (COG) Cognitive and Sensory Impairments

Meghan Donahue

WS32 - Aging Track: Computer-based Assessments and Interventions for Cognitive Health (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Adrian Rios Rincon, Antonio Miguel Cruz, Andrea Wilkinson

2:45 PM
Workshop Track/Topic Presenter(s)
SPON04 - Permobil presents "Pressure injury - Update on Terms and Etiology" (Ginger Walls)

Ginger Walls
Regional Clinical Education Manager

WS33 - Using Shared Control to Enhance Powered Mobility Training Across the Lifespan (CRT) Seating and Mobility, including Complex Rehab Technology

Lisa K. Kenyon, Emma M Smith, John Farris, William C. Miller

WS34 - Organizing the Available Data on Text Entry by Computer Users with Disabilities: Current Findings and Next Steps (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Heidi Koester, Sajay Arthanat

WS35 - MHealth Platform as Self-Management, Self-Care, Self-Education Partner for Individual with Disability (NEW) Emerging Technology

Andi Saptono

WS36 - Speech Recognition: Today and the Day after Tomorrow (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

Ray Grott

WS37 - Aging Track: Smart and Robotic Homes (NEW) Emerging Technology

Jon Sanford, Wendy Rogers, Brian Jones, Ariel Kapusta

Friday, June 30, 2017
8:00 AM
Workshop Track/Topic Presenter(s)
WS38 - Collaboration in AT Education: AT Innovations Cross College Course at Tufts University (OTH) Other

Jennifer C Buxton and Amy Fleischer

WS39 - New and Improved Methods of Accessing Large Off-Road Machinery (JEA) Job & Environmental Accommodations, including Ergonomics

Stephen J. Swain, Shawn Ehlers

WS40 - The Brain Gym: Creating a Wellness-Based Assistive Technology Community Access Program for People of All Levels of Functioning (CAC) Computer Applications & Communication

James D Gardner

WS41 - Problem Solving With Peers, Accommodation Works In Progress (JEA) Job & Environmental Accommodations, including Ergonomics

Cindi L Pichler, John Wardzala, Linda Vogelman

WS42 - You Try It! Tools for People Who Experience Reading Barriers (COG) Cognitive and Sensory Impairments

Lara Rondberg

9:30 AM
Workshop Track/Topic Presenter(s)
WS43 - Out Patient Wheelchair clinic – Barriers and Strategies for Service Delivery to an Under-served Population (OUT) Service Delivery and Outcomes

Susan Christie

WS44 - Systematic Instruction & Technology to Improve Attention following CVA: Team Collaboration Enhancing Patient Outcomes (OUT) Service Delivery and Outcomes

Kimberly A Eichhorn

WS45 - Befuddled About Bed Support Surfaces? Become an Expert (OUT) Service Delivery and Outcomes

Karen A Lerner

WS46 - Customizable Computer Control Schemes in Adaptive Recreation: From Screen to Sail and Snow (NEW) Emerging Technology

James D Gardner

WS47 - SmartHome EADLs – A Sampling of Cases (JEA) Job & Environmental Accommodations, including Ergonomics

Meghan Donahue

WS48 - Complex Rehab Technology Update (PP) Public Policy and Advocacy

Don Clayback