WS28 - Emergency Management for Assistive Technology Dependent Users: EMDAC Experiences Over Ten Years

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Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 1:30pm to 3:45pm
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When disasters strike, they affect whole communities. Some who have added challenges may experience extraordinary needs after a disaster. For example, people with disabilities, who use assistive technology, or have limitations due to aging and the medically fragile, and technology-dependent will not be spared the problems we all face like lack of electricity or water; full or partial destruction of home; loss of possessions; and the need for essential items. All too often each of these problems is magnified for many with disabilities or limitations due to aging during and after a disaster.


Because of the technology-dependence of our stakeholder’s members, a voluntary organization, Emergency Management for Disabled and Aging Coalition (EMDAC) organized following the Katrina-Rita disasters. It has become a critical part of our state’s GOHSEP planning, preparedness, public education, provider and first-responder education, and voluntary action in disasters (VOAD) engaged by of EMD


John R. Schweitzer

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