WS32 - Aging Track: Computer-based Assessments and Interventions for Cognitive Health

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Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Newberry/ Ascot
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In this session we present early results from three research projects, conducted in the context of the AGE-WELL National Centre of Excellence, developing computer-based tools for assessing and improving the cognitive function of seniors. The Centivizer (described in the first paper) is a wall-mounted ambient activity unit that provides engaging arcade-style interactions and rewards (e.,g.,. coins, tokens, applause) for targeted activities. The second paper describes the UniCog Whack-a-Mole game, implemented on Android tablets. The game offers levels of systematically increasing difficulty to continuously engage and challenge seniors with dementia, while recording their performance and analyzing their progress. The third paper describes how an Emotiv-based EEG assessment can be combined with these games to measure the players’ engagement and arousal, while playing.

Adrian Rios Rincon, Antonio Miguel Cruz, Andrea Wilkinson

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