06 February, 2015
In this article, RESNA member Alexandra Enders provides several resources for finding a good "do-it-yourself" AT design idea.
26 January, 2015
RESNA 2015 is June 10-11 in Denver, Colorado. On-line registration is now available on the website.
15 December, 2014
Scheduled for Thursday, January 29 during the ATIA conference, the day will feature panels focused on bringing together practitioners, industry leaders, and researchers.
03 December, 2014
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is accepting comments from the community on Speech Generating Device coverage. Comments are due December 6, 2014.
01 December, 2014
The International Special Interest Group is sponsoring this competition, focused on solving problems for people with disabilities in developing countries.
01 December, 2014
"RESNA's Guidelines for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Research" are intended for the research community.
19 November, 2014
Ray Grott reports on a recent trip he took to South Korea
19 November, 2014
RESNA member Lynne Deese recently finished a short film about the life experiences of assistive technology users in North Carolina.
19 November, 2014
RESNA member Dianne Goodwin's wheelchair mount design is a critical prop for a character on the new fall TV series "NCIS: New Orleans."
17 November, 2014
The survey is open to people with disabilities who have experience applying for a job online.