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Selected Conference Pre-Conference Instructional Courses, RESNA Workshops, and Scientific Papers/Posters will be presented between July 7-10, 2020.

RESNA 2020 Instructions

Please review the appropriate document for your submission type to find instructions about the form, review criteria and process, and FAQs

  • Workshop Proposal Instructions
  • Workshop Proposal Submission Form (Fillable)
  • Workshops distinguish themselves in the field because the presenters work to make the learning experience innovative, interdisciplinary, and informative.
    • Presenters should aim to:
      1. Deliver current information,
      2. Have a well-organized structure that stimulates and facilitates learning, and
      3. Include discussions that draw on the participants’ own expertise.

Presenters can conduct the 60-minute sessions in a variety of formats with a single speaker or panel of speakers; hands-on demonstrations; audience-driven show & tells and other types of creative methods of information exchange. Each session must include a visual component (such as a PowerPoint presentation), a hands-on or demonstration component where possible, handouts, and at least a 10-minute, well-moderated discussion period. We encouraging proposals to use audience participation and group activities for more interactive sessions as a primary mechanism for sharing information and learning.


Papers must be submitted online via the RESNA Conference Paper Submission CMT Site no later than November 15th, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT.

How to Submit

Once you've completed the proposal form, please visit the RESNA “Online Submission System" to submit the document. You'll be prompted to include some contact information and supporting documents. Please read the instructions for the submission type as this could include...

  • Your full paper including all tables, charts, and figures placed appropriately.
  • Alternative text for all non-text elements of your paper, and any photos included in your paper submitted separately.
  • A blinded copy of the full paper. The blinded copy will be the full paper minus the names of all of the author names and affiliations, as well as any acknowledgement and references to your previous work.
  • Ensure that all reviewing comments and "track changes" edits have been removed prior to saving the blinded version.

Upon submission of your proposal(s) on the “Online Submission System" the screen will present “Submission Successfully Saved.” This is the only confirmation message, as the system does not automatically send one.

Contact Information

For additional questions about the RESNA 2020 Conference, contact

For general questions, contact the RESNA 2020 Conference Chair