RESNA Virtual Exhibit Hall

Join suppliers, developers, and manufactures in the Virtual Exhibit Hall. The RESNA Virtual Conference offers dedicated time to browse the Virtual Exhibit Hall floor and meet with representatives who will be manning their booths. You can also connect with our exhibitors outside of these times, and even set up one-on-one meetings.

What can you do in the Virtual Exhibit Hall?

                 Enter the virtual booths of our exhibitors to interact with staff and learn about their offerings

                 Collect materials that provide more detail about their products or services

                 Reserve a meeting room to meet one-on-one with exhibitors

                 Each interaction you have with an exhibitor gives you extra points on the Elite Force Leaderboard and can lead to daily prizes

Confirmed Exhibitors:

                 Trace Center & Raising the Floor

                 Sunrise Medical

                 National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART)


As of August 6, 2020

Virtual Exhibit Hall Hours:

Attendees are welcome to explore the Virtual Exhibit Hall at any time. Booths will have representatives during these times:

  • Wednesday, September 23 - 1400 – 1445
  • Thursday, September 24 - 1415 – 1500