ATP Candidate

RESNA’s Board of Directors and Professional Standards Board (PSB) are excited to announce an exciting update to the Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) certification program. These changes are designed to address the issue of the critical need for more certified Assisitive Technology Professionals (ATP) as well as providing a way to validate the knowledge, skills and abilities of assistive technology professionals.

RESNA will now offer a program called “Candidate for ATP” [ATP (Cand)], a new career pathway that will allow younger professionals, students and those relatively new to working in assistive technology to begin their journey towards certification by giving them the opportunity to sit for the ATP exam (and demonstrate their knowledge) before they have met all of the other eligibility requirements for certification. Once a person has achieved the ATP (Cand), they will then have to meet all of the certification requirements that a full ATP is bound too. Upon accruing all eligibility requirements for the ATP certification, the Candidate can then submit their qualifications and be awarded full ATP certification.
The term, “Candidate for ATP” comes from academia, where one can be identified as a PhD candidate or other advanced degree candidate. RESNA will keep a registry of successful Candidates for ATP that employers can verify. This new program will allow employers to identify professionals who are committed to assistive technology, and who are dedicated to achieving the full credential. Candidates for ATP will not be allowed to put “ATP” or “ATP (Cand)” after their name, as they haven’t achieved certification yet, but they can state that they are a candidate on their resume and profile.
More information will be available soon. Please send any questions to