Emerging Leader Award

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RESNA Emerging Leader Award
(formerly known as "Rookie Award")

RESNA Emerging Leader Awards recognize new members who have made significant contributions, provided leadership, and have made an impact to RESNA during their first several years of participation.


Awardee Year Awarded
Ed M. Giesbrecht, PhD, M.Sc., BMR (OT), BSW
Kathy Moeller, BA, CBIS
Mary Goldberg, PhD 2016
Maria Luisa Toro, MS  2015
Emma M. Smith, MScOT, ATP/SMS 2014
Nathan W. Moon, PhD 2013
Jennifer N. Boger, MASc 2011
Michael Boyce, BS  
Amanda M. Reinsfelder, MS, ATP 2008
Jamie Arasz Prioli, BSc, ATP 2006
Lisa K. Simone, PhD