RET General Info

A Rehabilitation Engineering Technologist (RET) is a person who applies engineering principles to the design, modification, customization and/or fabrication of assistive technology for persons with disabilities. An assistive technology device is any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified or customized that is used to increase or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. The areas of practice for the Rehabilitation Engineering Technology examination typically encompasses job accommodations, computer access, mass/ public transportation, vehicle modifications, architectural modifications and home modifications, augmentative/ alternative communications, environmental controls, positioning devices, seating and mobility, sensory aids, and learning accommodations.

Rehabilitation Engineering Professional White Paper

The Rehabilitation Engineering Professional white paper is meant as a guide to describe the typical rehabilitation engineering professions in their most generic forms. The consensus accumulated in this paper and the iterative methods used to aggregate the content, states a majority perspective of current rehabilitation engineering professionals. This document provides a framework for future discussions on the advancement of rehabilitation engineering with the goal of improving the quality of life of individuals with disabilities through the application of science and technology.

The white paper defines the role of rehabilitation engineering professionals based on descriptions found in the literature and historical experience of stakeholders. Furthermore, it describes the role of rehabilitation engineering professionals in numerous work settings and describes current and future education and training opportunities. Finally, the white paper provides multiple case studies on the role of rehabilitation engineering professionals in a trans disciplinary assistive technology service delivery process.

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