Applying and Preparing for the Exam

CSUN Masters of Science in Assistive Technology and Human Services

One can apply for the SMS exam with this application. If you didn't pass the initial exam, you can use this application to retake the exam. Please complete the necessary form and send this to

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General references that may be used as exam preparation resources for the Seating and Mobility Specialist Certification.


Cook and Hussey’s Assistive Technologies, Principles and Practice. 4th edition (2015). Cook, A.M., Polgar, J. Mosby (Elsevier), St. Louis, MO.

Fundamentals in Assistive Technology, 4th edition, RESNA Press, Michelle Lange editor

Chapter 31: The prescription wheelchair: an orthotic device.  Physical Rehabilitation Assessment and Treatment, 3rd ed., (pp 685-704).Bergen, A. F. (1994).S. O’Sullivan (ed.),  Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Company.

Spinal Cord Injuries : Management and Rehabilitation - Erica Druin, Martha Macht, Ph.D. Sliwinski, Sue Ann Sisto , Sue Ann, Ph.D.


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Light Touch. Advance for Directors in Rehabilitation. Cooper, R., Schmeler, M. Cooper, R. (2001)

Position Papers

RESNA position papers


ANSI/RESNA WC-19 Wheelchair Transportation Standard (2000).

Standards for Neurological Classification of SCI Worksheet (Dermatome Chart), 2011, at

RESNA Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice

Web Resources

Lee Kirby’s power wheelchair training information

Braden scale for predicting pressure sore risk, at

Out of Print Books that may be useful

Engstrom, B. 2002. Ergonomic Seating. A true challenge. Posturalis Books: Sweden. *note: This book is out of print.

Boninger, M. Baldwin, M., Cooper, R. (May, 2000). Manual Wheelchair Pushrim Biomechanics and Axle Position *note: This book is out of print. An electronic copy is available on Google Books.