Call for Proposals

The 2019 annual conference will be at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Toronto, in Toronto, Canada. in 2019, RESNA will join six (6) other organizations for RehabWeek.

The conference is June 24-28, 2019.

  • The pre-conference's Instructional Courses (AKA RehabWeek Workshops) are scheduled for June 24, 2019.
  • The Workshops/Symposia, Scientific Papers, and Student Design Competition are scheduled for June 25-28, 2019.

The timeline for proposals is as follows:

  • The conference Call for Proposals window is opening and submissions close at the following times:
  • Instructional Courses (AKA RehabWeek Workshops): Closed
    • RehabWeek Workshops are similar to what RESNA calls Instructional Courses. Accepted proposals will revolve around the topic of the development and application of advanced rehabilitation technology from either a 1) Scientific or 2) Industry perspective.
  • Workshops and Symposia: Open until December 21st and one can submit here.
    • Workshops distinguish themselves in the field because the presenters work to make the learning experience innovative, interdisciplinary, and informative. ​Presenters should aim to:
    1. Deliver current information,
    2. Have a well-organized structure that stimulates and facilitates learning, and
    3. Include discussions that draw on the participants’ own expertise.
    • Symposia are similar to workshops but are presented by a minimum of three (3) experts / specialists who deliver short addresses on a topic or on related topics. Audience engagement is vital and 3 or more content experts are sure to offer an audience great opportunity for vast expertise available for audience questions and answers. Presenters should make the experience innovative, interdisciplinary, and informative by:
      1. Delivering current information,
      2. Having a well-organized structure that stimulates and facilitates learning, and
      3. Including discussions that draw on the participants’ own expertise. 
Presenters can conduct the 90-minute sessions in a variety of formats with a single speaker (workshops) or panel of speakers (symposium); hands-on demonstrations; audience-driven show & tells and other types of creative methods of information exchange. Each session must include a visual component (such as a PowerPoint presentation), a hands-on or demonstration component where possible, handouts, and at least a 15-minute, well-moderated discussion period. We encouraging proposals to use audience participation and group activities for more interactive sessions as a primary mechanism for sharing information and learning.
  • Student Design Competition: Open until March 15th and one can submit here.
    • The RESNA Student Design Competition (SDC) is an annual competition that showcases creative and innovative assistive technology designs that help people with disabilities function more independently. Student teams represent a wide variety of disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering; computer information science; architecture; and physical and occupational therapy. Entries are judged on originality, quality of design, and usefulness to persons with disabilities. 
  • The conference selections will commence in late winter, with notifications sent in early spring
  • The conference schedule will be released in spring

Please continue to review the conference proposals.




For additional questions about RehabWeek 2019/ RESNA 2019 Conference, contact or Julien Williams at or (703) 524-6686, Ext. 306.

For general questions, contact the RehabWeek2019/ RESNA 2019 Conference Committee Chair.