Developers Showcase 2017

RESNA 2017 Developers Showcase Submissions were:

"AccessPlace web & mobile app" "Shower Safe Base Foot"
Nathan Spaeth Michael Simonetti
"Adjustable Grab Bar" "Shufffle Speller: User-Adaptive Spelling"
Dallis Ferguson Matt Higger
Auto-Positioning Power Mount" "Smyle Mouse"
Dianne Goodwin Uday Parshionikar
"BrazeView: Back-up Sensor System" "Sneak Peak: PC Eye Plus Mobile"
Pooja Viswanathan Ben Henry
"ChairStairs" "Stair-climbing wheelchair"
Abilee Kellett Ken Cox
"Evaluation Software for Computer Application Methods" "The GP II Shopping and Alerting Aid"
Bobby Goboa Denis Anson
"FLICO (Functional Life is Coming)" "The Pik-Pokket"
Hong-Jooong Jung Joseph Gucciardi
"Friction Only Mount'n Mover" "Touchscreen US Test Simulator"
Dianne Goodwin Cathy Bodine
"Global Augmenting Mobility" "tUthbrush: the U-shaped Toothbrush"
Charlotte Macken Zoe Lauters
"GP II Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure" "Weebot: A Robotic Mibility Device for Infants"
Gregg Vanderheiden Sharon Stansfield
Harry Lew  

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