Developers Showcase 2018

RESNA 2018 Developers Showcase Submissions were:

"AssystMouse" "Motorized Pediatric Stander Project"
Alexandre Campeau-Lecours Andrew Kowalczyk
"AT-node" "One Thing Straight (1TS)"
Heidi Koester Leighanne Davis, Kevin Caves
"Blind Spot Sensors for Wheelchairs" "Open Sesame: Touch Free Control for smartphones and table"
Pooja Viswanathan Oded Ben Dov
"BPPV" "Otto"
Seung Gwan Lee Peter Loeffler
"Brailleblox" "Real-time Telerehabilitation Platform"
Seong-Hee Yoon Andi Saptono
"Cognitopia" "Scanning Wizard"
Tom Keating Heidi Koester
"DEIASO: Smart Band for the Hearing Impaired" "Smyle Mouse"
Archit Matta Uday Parshionikar
"Enabo" "Switch Activated MP3 Player"
Xiuxiu Yuan Richard Simpson
"GaitMate" "Tuck-Away Tray"
Zachary Samalonis Keith Altman
"HESTIA - Home Evaluation with a Strategic Triangulating Approach" "WebAnywhere"
Nathan Spaeth Andi Saptono
"mHealth Platform"  
Andi Saptono  

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