Developers Showcase 2019

RESNA 2019 Developers Showcase Submissions were:

"HERO Glove" "The Bento Arm and brachI/Oplexus software - Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control"
Aaron P Yurkewich (Toronto Rehabilitation Institute) Michael Dawson (University of Alberta)*; Patrick M. Pilarski (University of Alberta)
"Tomorrow's Tools for Today's Occupational Therapist" "MOTIMOVE"
Hannah  C Munro  (Ability App) Lana Popovic-Maneski (3F-Fit Fabricando Faber)
"Switch-Activated MP3 Player" "The Gait Tutor - Rehabshop"
Rich Simpson (Duquesne University) Dejan  B Popovic (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
"CoPILOT: Shared Control for Powered Mobility Training" "Open Sesame for Windows"
Emma M Smith (University of British Columbia) Rowee Benbenishty (Sesame Enable)
"Adaptive Tongue Operated Mouse (ATOM)" "tecla-e"
Michael S Laffin (University of Wisconsin - Stout); Kyle Cleven (University of Wisconsin - Stout); Dexter Rausch (University of Wisconsin - Stout) Mauricio Meza (Komodo OpenLab Inc.)
"1. Assistive Software Knowledgebase // 2. Work ACCESS (Georgia Tech)" "RELab tenoexo (hand exoskeleton for assistance)"
Karen Milchus (CIDI, Georgia Institute of Technology) Tobias Butzer (ETHZ RELab)
"Blind spot sensors for wheelchairs" "HuskySTEPS"
Pooja Viswanathan (University of Toronto) Nick Baicoianu (University of Washington)
"FitMi Plus" "Smyle Mouse - head controlled mouse & switch"
Daniel Zondervan (Flint Rehabilitation Devices, LLC) Uday Parshionikar (Perceptive Devices LLC)
"Technology to Identify Movement: Gaitbox & iMUp" "ExoZU"

Leighanne M Davis (Duke University); Kevin Caves (Duke University); Sarah Moninger (Duke University)

Mohamed  Sherif Ahmed (Zagazig University); Farid Nicola (Zagazig University); Mohamed Ibrahim (Zagazig University); Khalid Abd-elkader (Zagazig University); Ziad Ibrahim (Zagazig University); Ahmed Abdo Abdelhady (Zagazig University); Reham Ziad (Zagazig University); Mohammad Atya (Zagazig University)
"SmartHub: an activity monitoring device for manual wheelchair users"  
Noah Einstein (The Ohio State University)  


TREAT: Center for Translation of Rehabilitation Engineering Advances and Technology

IMPACT: Initiative to Mobilize Partnerships for Successful Assistive Technology Transfer

University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

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