Instructional Courses (AKA RehabWeek Workshops)


Selected Conference Pre-Conference Instructional Courses (AKA RehabWeek Workshops), RESNA Workshops/Symposia, and Scientific Papers will be presented between June 24-28, 2019

RESNA 2019 Pre-Conference Instructional Course (AKA RehabWeek Workshop) proposal(s) submissions closed October 1, 2018.

RehabWeek Workshops are similar to what RESNA calls Instructional Courses. Accepted proposals will revolve around the topic of the development and application of advanced rehabilitation technology from either a 1) Scientific or 2) Industry perspective.

For additional questions about the RehabWeek 2019/ RESNA 2019 Conference, contact or Julien Williams at or (703) 524-6686, Ext. 306.

For general questions, contact the Rehab Week 2019/ RESNA 2019 Conference Committee Chair.