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RESNA 2018 Conference Proposals submissions are closed. Selected Conference Pre-Conference Instructional Courses, Workshops, Symposia, and Scientific Papers will be presented between July 13-15, 2018

We requested you submit your RESNA 2018 proposal(s) on the “Online Submission System.” We asked new users to create a username and password. 

We requested the submission in approved file format (doc, docx, pdf) with the appropriate form(s) and/or supplemental material depending on your submission. Please read the Instruction for each submission type as this could include...

  • Your abstract, which cannot exceed 2000 characters (including spaces)
  • Your full paper including all tables, charts, and figures placed appropriately.
  • A blinded copy of the full paper. The blinded copy will be the full paper minus the names of all of the author names and affiliations, as well as any acknowledgement and references to your previous work. Ensure that all reviewing comments and "track changes" edits have been removed prior to saving the blinded version.
  • Alternative text for all non-text elements of your paper, and any photos included in your paper submitted separately.
  • Student Scientific Paper authors will need to upload a Letter of Certification from a faculty member verifying that the first author was a student and carried out a majority of the work presented in the paper.

Upon submission of your proposal(s) on the RESNA 2018 “Online Submission System,” the screen presented “Submission Successfully Saved.” This was the only confirmation message, as the system does not automatically send one.

Additionally, you were provided the opportunity to send yourself and co-author(s) an email from the “Submission Successfully Saved” screen.

Please review the documents below and if you have any questions about your submission(s), please contact

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Conference Symposia Proposals

The following forms were required:

Conference Workshop Proposals

For additional questions about the RESNA 2018 Conference, contact or Julien Williams at or (703) 524-6686, Ext. 306

For general questions, contact the 2018 RESNA Conference Committee Chair