24 September, 2018
36th Annual Closing The Gap Conference Information
14 June, 2018
RESNA Announces Results of 2018 Board Elections. New Members of the Board of Directors begin terms on August 1, 2018
11 June, 2018
RESNA Members interested K-12 practice can now join the K-112 focused Special Interest Group (SIG)
09 June, 2018
RESNA 2018 is Open for Early Bird Registration
07 May, 2018
ISO WG11 Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya
20 April, 2018
Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration (CIRRIS) Survey
18 April, 2018
RESNA Webinar: “Multi-Access Approach to Computer and Environmental Control”
14 April, 2018
RESNA 2018 Student Design Competition closes April 13th, 2018
13 April, 2018
Walden University Assistive Technology Survey
11 April, 2018
University of Pittsburgh 1st Annual Assistive Technology Appreciation Event hosted by Rehabilitation Science and Technology Graduate Student Organization