20 December, 2019
Fundamentals in Africa
20 December, 2019
Interview with Bill Peterson, the 2020 Colin McLaurin Lecturer
28 September, 2019
The recently finalized position paper, "RESNA's Position on the Application of Seat-Elevating Devices for Wheelchair Users" includes 29 references, and expert opinion from academia, the clinical community, RESNA-certified ATPs and other stakeholders.
25 September, 2019
Latin American Functional Mobility Assessment (FMA) meeting September 25th, 2019 at 4PM EDT
27 August, 2019
Innovation in wheelchair mount technology leads to increased independence
26 August, 2019
Leonard Anderson, RESNA Fellow, Thank You for Your Life of Service
22 August, 2019
RESNA Standards Committee on Cognitive Accessibility – Meeting Announcement
21 August, 2019
DMEPOS Call for Comments
19 August, 2019
RESNA Standards Committee on Inclusive Fitness – Meeting Announcement
19 August, 2019
National CRT Week and Call to Action