01 December, 2014
"RESNA's Guidelines for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Research" are intended for the research community.
19 November, 2014
Ray Grott reports on a recent trip he took to South Korea
19 November, 2014
RESNA member Lynne Deese recently finished a short film about the life experiences of assistive technology users in North Carolina.
19 November, 2014
RESNA member Dianne Goodwin's wheelchair mount design is a critical prop for a character on the new fall TV series "NCIS: New Orleans."
17 November, 2014
The survey is open to people with disabilities who have experience applying for a job online.
17 November, 2014
This committee is now accepting members via an application.
07 November, 2014
The inaugural RESNA Asia Pacific Conference will take place 28-30 March, 2015 in Singapore.
28 October, 2014
The webinar series focuses on issues common to K-12 educators working with students with disabilities.
20 October, 2014
The ad-hoc committee is investigating the implications of designing, developing, and implementing an accreditation process for assistive technology training programs.
11 October, 2014
The Asia Pacific AR & TTs Challenge seeks to attract at least 80 international teams to compete; deadline for proposals has been extended to December 20, 2014.