08 August, 2012
Dr. Joey Wallace joins RESNA to lead federal grant program.
19 July, 2012
The popular two-day course will be offered in Texas and Georgia.
09 July, 2012
Five finalist student teams are recognized by the prestigious RESNA Student Design Competition.
03 July, 2012
The RESNA 2012 plenary sessions are now available as archived webcasts.
03 July, 2012
An estimated 70 million people worldwide are wheelchair users, yet only 5-15% have access.
21 June, 2012
$50 discount on this advanced certification if application received by August 1, 2012.
19 June, 2012
AT Standards committee meetings are open to anyone who is interested in providing input into the standards development process.
18 June, 2012
New members of the Board of Directors begin terms on August 1, 2012.
15 June, 2012
RESNA's Student Design Competition showcases the innovation and creativity of future assistive technology leaders.
11 June, 2012
Think the RESNA conference is just about wheelchairs? Think again. There's a diversity of offerings at RESNA 2012.