20 April, 2012
Effort to promote the needs of aging population with regards to assistive technology
18 April, 2012
Paper highlights available research and best clinical practice for this assistive technology.
12 April, 2012
The Professional Standards Board (PSB) is seeking individuals with seating and mobility expertise to join the SMS Item Writing Committee.
04 April, 2012
Experts in technology transfer to mentor and support student designers
02 April, 2012
The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wheeled Mobility will conduct its State of the Science conference in conjunction with RESNA 2012 in Baltimore, MD.
02 April, 2012
A free, no-obligation webinar for individuals considering the ATP certification.
30 March, 2012
Alex Mihailidis discusses RESNA, the upcoming conference, and more.
26 March, 2012
The committee met during the CSUN Conference in San Diego on February 29, 2012.
23 March, 2012
The Professional Standards Board is seeking individuals who practice assistive technology to join the ATP Item Writing Committee.
22 March, 2012
Pre-publication articles are now available on-line through a new service.