Draft Position Paper on Speech Generating Devices Posted for Comment

Friday, May 22, 2015 - 11:15am

RESNA's Communication Technologies & Computer Access Special Interest Group (CTCA SIG) is seeking comments from the community on a draft position paper, "Procedures and Guide to Support the Use of Speech Generating Devices as Augmentative and Alternative Communication."  Per RESNA's guidelines for position papers, the draft will be posted for a 30-day commenting period. 

The purpose of the paper is to share accepted clinical standards as well as provide evidence from the literature to support the application of a Speech Generating Device (SGD) as a communication aid, to assist practitioners in decision making, and to assist in implementation of these devices. 

Click here to download the draft paper.

Please submit comments to resnapositionpapers@gmail.com by June 20, 2015. If there are any questions, please contact Mark Bresler or Dawn Waller, Chair and Vice Chair of the CTCA SIG.