RESNA Support for Grant Projects

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 8:00am

RESNA is ready, willing, and able to support grant projects as a subcontractor in the areas of knowledge translation, information dissemination, and education/training.

RESNA has subject matter expertise and well-established communications platforms to disseminate information, including our AT Journal, NewsBrief, Members News, Constant Contact database (over 30,000 names,) website (, and our Annual Conference.
We hope you will consider tapping our expertise and capabilities to support your upcoming grant proposals and projects that involve assistive technology.
Engaging Subject Matter Experts
Contractor Bank
RESNA can promote grantees’ requests for subject matter expertise. We can help to identify specific experts for particular topics for contractual work.
Surveying Services
RESNA can launch surveys to assist in the recruitment of subject matter experts as well as to gather information/data relevant to grant projects. RESNA can also support subject matter expert recruitment through our member lists.
Focus Group Recruitment
Identify subject matter experts on a particular AT subject for participation in focus groups as well as surveys. This would include targeted recruitment through SIG (Special Interest Group) and PSG (Professional Specialty Group) lists.
Estimated cost/value: $500 -2,000, depending on number of Subject Matter Experts needed and expected level of effort
Assistive Technology Journal
Special Issues
RESNA occasionally produces Special Issues of our peer-reviewed AT Journal. Special Issues may be most appropriate for larger grants that need a “capstone” near the end of a project.
Estimated cost/value: $7,500-9,000
Instructional Courses
RESNA hosts half and full day Instructional Courses (ICs) in conjunction with our Annual Conference; these ICs could be appropriate for grantees that must provide training and dissemination components in their work. Grantees’ applications for ICs would need to be vetted and accepted to the conference in accordance with our policies.
Developers Showcase
RESNA’s Developers Showcase occurs during our Annual Conference and is a popular platform for developers to demonstrate new products. This platform provides time, space, logistical support and marketing for grantees. We can offer subject matter experts’ feedback on products for the cost of registering for and attending the RESNA conference.
Conference presentations
Workshop slots during the course of the conference could be another opportunity for grant projects to showcase their projects (as with the ICs, workshop proposals would be vetted and accepted to the conference in accordance with our policies.)
Small Conference Planning Services
RESNA can provide conference planning and implementation services to grantees as pre- or post-events to our annual conference or services to assist grantees’ in planning standalone conferences. Supports include recruitment of subject matter experts, conference planning and consultations on content.
Estimated cost/value: $1,500-3,500 depending on size and scope of grantee conference
Education and Training
Guidelines / Best Practice Dissemination
RESNA can provide platforms to professionally publish and disseminate information through RESNA Press and via online channels. This could include publishing guidelines, best practices, design considerations, etc.
Estimated cost/value: $1,000-3,000
Online Courses / Webinars
RESNA can host grantees’ educational, training and dissemination components using our webinar / online course platforms. We can recruit participants through listservs, NewsBrief, etc, and coach presenters on content development to meet CEU requirements; we can provide and administer CEUs if needed (and if they adhere to RESNA policies and standards.) We can also assist with quiz development to show knowledge change (impact of training).
Estimated cost/value: $1,000-2,000
A note on pricing
This communication includes some estimated ranges; that noted, RESNA seeks to be reasonably flexible to allow us to support grant projects within grant resource limitations.
Interested/Want to learn more?
If you would like to explore collaboration with RESNA on upcoming grant proposals, please contact RESNA at or call (703) 524-6686.