Standing Wheel Chair Survey

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 9:00am

A survey was developed to gather support for the medical necessity of standing wheelchairs. 

There is an ongoing dispute among insurance providers about the uses and medical benefits of standing wheelchairs, and correspondingly, an ongoing dispute for third party funding for payment of these items. By filling out this survey, the Information you provide is greatly needed to assist in this dispute. This short survey is intended to gather information and link data about the medical benefits of wheelchair standing aids.  


This survey was intended to gather baseline data and some general information to help determine the need for future surveys and information to gather. This is not a study or meant to be comprehensive at this point or an attempt to publish it as research. Please take this survey for what it is, and do your best to answer the questions as you can. We appreciate your patience as we work through ways to gather information that is meaningful.

The closing date for the survey is February 28th.