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The 2018 Board of DIrectors Election 

RESNA will accept votes for 30 days from the date of the first announcement. This will be sent by email to members in good standing.

We are soliciting votes from RESNA members for President-Elect, Secretary, and four members of the RESNA Board of Directors. Serving as a RESNA Board member will help you develop leadership skills, learn more about organizational work, benefit RESNA’s members, and support other professionals in the assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering field and the individuals they work with. 

The deadline for submitting votes is June 8th at 11:59 PM


  • Term (2 years as President-Elect):  08/01/2018 – 07/31/2020
  • Term (2 years as President):  08/01/2020 – 07/31/2022
  • Term (2 years as Immediate Past President): 08/01/2022 – 07/31/2024
  • Nominee(s):
    • ​Patricia Bahr, MSE, ATP, RET
    • Maureen Linden, MS


  • Term (2 years): 08/01/2018 – 07/31/2020
  • Nominee(s):
    • ​Meghan Donahue, MS ATP

Board of Directors (Three Positions)

  • Term (3 years):  08/01/2018 to 07/31/2021.
  • Nominee(s):
    • Dan Cochrane, MA, MS, ATP
    • Carmen DiGiovine, PhD, ATP/SMS, RET
    • Gavin Jenkins, PhD, OTR/L, ATP
    • James Lenker, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
    • Nathan Moon, PhD
    • Rita Stanley

Board candidates have a history of participation in and contribution to RESNA organizational activities (e.g., SIGs, PSGs, Committees, Boards, and task forces), including having served in some leadership capacities. There may be instances where candidates without extensive organizational experience are in a position to make a significant contribution as a Board member due to their particular background, skills, or contributions to the field or to other organizations.

Board Election

RESNA's Election notification and voting information will be sent to members after the nomination periodPer the bylaws, the voting period is 30 days. Once the period is closed, the Governance Committee will announce the winning candidates at the 2018 RESNA Annual Conference.

If you are a member who has not received this voting information, please contact