RESNA Assistive Technology Standards 2019 Updates

Friday, February 8, 2019 - 12:00pm
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Assistive Technology Standards

RESNA is accredited as a standards organization by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop and maintain assistive technology standards to maximize the health and independence of people with disabilities. In the past few months, three new RESNA standards have been approved by ANSI for publication:

RESNA WC-3:2018

RESNA Standards Committee on Wheelchair & Related Seating (WRS) has received publication approval for the newly revised Standard for Wheelchairs – Volume 3: Wheelchair Seating. In addition to updating the initial 3 sections, two new sections have been added addressing cushion performance related to immersion, envelopment and changes after simulated use. Following publication, additional sections regarding microclimate and flammability are to be introduced and balloted, in the spirit of harmonization with the ISO 16840 publications of ISO/TC 173/SC1/WG11.

RESNA IF-1:2018

RESNA Standards Committee on Inclusive Fitness (IF) has published their first standard for Inclusive Fitness – Volume 1: Inclusive Fitness Environments. This standard covers available inclusive fitness information, standards, regulations, best practices, and policies that facilitate accessible fitness environments for people of all abilities, including facility policy guidelines, built environment, equipment, staff, trainers, users, and outreach/marketing.

RESNA CA-1:2018

RESNA Standards Committee on Cognitive Accessibility (CA) has published a revision of their standard for Cognitive Accessibility – Volume 1: Universal Criteria for Reporting the Cognitive Accessibility of Products and Technologies. CA-1 addresses the accessibility of technologies identified as priorities for people with cognitive impairments. Consideration for future work includes universal criteria for reporting the cognitive accessibility of touchscreens, assistive technology products, fire extinguisher, microwave ovens, and cell phones.

For more information please see All assistive technology standards activities adhere to the RESNA Policies and Procedures which are in compliance with the ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards.

ANSI conducts audits of standards developers every five years, and the ANSI Executive Standard Council’s (ExSC’s) Audit Subcommittee recently closed the RESNA audit as a result of RESNA submitting revised procedures and successfully completing the reaccreditation process.