RESNA 2017 Posters

The RESNA 2017 projects invited to present posters on Wednesday and Thursday, June 28 and 29, are listed below. Though invited, some may choose not to present a poster.

Exhibitor Hall: Posters in AT Exhibit Hall and NMEDA-sponsored Popcorn Break

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 • 2:15 pm - 4:00 pm

AT Exhibit Hall (Churchill 2nd Floor), invited:

  • "Wording Matters: Preliminary Results in Identifying Students with a Disability In Postsecondary Education," by Jacqueline Love
  • "A Stimulus-Response Model of therapist-Patient Interactions in Task-Oriented Stroke therapy Can Guide Robot-Patient Interactions," by Michelle Johnson
  • "Alternative thermodynamic Rigid Cushion Loading Indenter for Microclimate Characterization in Full Body Support Surfaces," by Anh Dang
  • "Assistive Technology Adoption Patterns of Minority Students," by Irina Nikivincze
  • "Automatic Positioning of Communication Devices and Essential Equipment," by Dianne Goodwin
  • "Design and Testing of an Agonist-Antagonist Switching Position-Impedance Controlled Myoelectric Prosthetic," by Christopher Aymonin
  • "Developing a Universal Pre-Professional Curriculum in Basic Wheelchair Seating and Mobility (WSM)," by Barbara Crane
  • "EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface Access to Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5," by Kamilya Gosmanova
  • "Effect of Providing Powered Mobility on Infants’ Social Behavior and Vocalization: Two Case Studies," by Sharon Stansfield
  • "Effect of Wheelchair Maintenance on the Total Rolling Resistance of Manual Wheelchair," by Mehdi Eshraghi
  • "Evaluation of the Agilelife Patient Transfer and Movement System," by Andrew Sivaprakasam
  • "Experiences and Needs of Caregivers’ of Older Power Wheelchair Users," by Delphine Labbe
  • "Feasibility of Outcome Measure Training Module for Postural Care," by Jennifer Hutson
  • "From Project to Patent: Assistive Technology Development in Action," by Caren Sax
  • "Functional Activity Monitoring Through Embedded Sensors in a Modified Ride-on Toy Car," by Ayshka Rodriguez-Velez
  • "Modelling and Simulation of Lower Extremity Powered Exoskeleton," by Brandon Fournier
  • "Obtaining at Funding for Parents with Disabilities; a Case Study," by Lynn Gitlow
  • "One-Handed Typing: Layouts Do Matter," by Denis Anson
  • "Papalani, Trycicle for Sport and Rehabilitation Development of People with Cerebral Palsy," by Berthana Salas-Domínguez
  • "Pilot Study for Examining Human-Robot Trust in Healthcare Interventions Involving Sensitive Personal Information," by Jin Xu
  • "Practical Considerations for the Accommodation of Persons with Low Vision in Veterinary Medicine," by Bradley Duerstock
  • "Pressure Mapping of Elderly by O.T. Studnets :Sevices Learning and Data Collection.," by Husny Amerih
  • "Proposal of Control Method for Neck EMG Signal Control-Type Electrolarynx," by Katsutoshi OE
  • "Quantitative Assessment of Compensatory Movements During Upper Limb Functional Performance," by Kimberly Kontson
  • "Rehabilitation Engineering Examples in Mechanical Engineering Curricula," by Rees Fullmer
  • "Reliability and Validity of the Usability Scale for Assistive Technology for Computer Access," by Sajay Arthanat
  • "Strategies for Agent-Based Scheduling to Improve Self-Management by Adolescents with Disabilities," by Lynn Garrett
  • "Text Entry Rate of Access Interfaces Used by People with Physical Impairments," by Heidi Koester
  • "The “Butterfly Parameters” Effected by Ankel-Foot Orthosis (AFOS) in Stroke: a Pilot Study," by Warin Krityakiarana
  • "The Case for Industry Leadership in Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Policy Implementation for Assistive Technology," by Joseph Lane
  • "The Challenge of Structuring the Routine of Children with Disability and the Use of APP as a Facilitator Resource," by Regis Peixoto
  • "The Importance of Studying Safe-Fall Strategies  for Lower Limb Exoskeletons," by Mahsa Khalili
  • "The Necessary Convergence of Macro Technology Trends to Support Open Source Hardware Assistive Technologies," by Harry Lew
  • "Training of EEG Signal Intensification for BCI System," by Jangwoo Kwon


Exhibitor Hall: Posters in AT Exhibit Hall, Founders Fund iPad Announcement, and NMEDA-sponsored Popcorn Break

Thursday, June 29, 2017 • 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

AT Exhibit Hall (Churchill 2nd Floor), invited:

  • "3D Printing Assisted Method of Manufacturing a Perforated Silicone Prosthetic Limb Liner," by Esteban Ruiz
  • "A Person Centred Approach for the Development of Emerging Technologies for People with Complex Disabilities," by Jean Daly Lynn
  • "Access Ratings for Buildings: Use as a Learning Tool for Builiding Assessment Instruction," by Dennis Tomashek
  • "An Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Location-Based Navigation System for Individuals With Visual Impairments in the Higher Education Setting," by Brooke Findley
  • "Assistive Technology Design Courses: the Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Engineering Education and the Provision of Orphan Devices," by Giulia Barbareschi
  • "Assistive Technology Quality Assurance," by Julie Faieta
  • "Attitudinal Barriers Faced by Young Adults with Disabilities as Depicted Through Photovoice," by Jacquie Ripat
  • "Bed-Posture Control System for Pressure Ulcer Prevention," by Inhyuk Moon
  • "Bimanual Multimodal Image Substitution Perception: a Comparison Study," by Ting Zhang
  • "Defining the Stability Limits of a Manual Wheelchair with Adjustable Seat and Backrest," by Louise Thomas
  • "Detection of Autonomic Dysreflexia in Persons with Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries Through a Support Vector Machine ," by Shruthi Suresh
  • "Developing an Accessible Archival Website," by Drew Williams
  • "Developing Student Understanding of Power Electronic Design Through a Real Word Project," by Ruiyun Fu
  • "Effects of Wheels and Casters on Energy Loss in Manual Wheelchairs," by Stephen Sprigle
  • "Integrating a Participatory Design Approach: Developing Hestia with Multidisciplinary Perspectives," by Suzanne Burns
  • "Measuring Prefrontal Cortex Activity During Passive and Active Movement," by Melody Wallace
  • "Multifunctional Wrist Orthotic with Universal Gesture Recognition System," by Shruthi Suresh
  • "Partnership Working Underpinning Innovation," by Suzanne Martin
  • "Passive, Variable Stiffness Assistive Devices for Human Assistance," by Andrew McPherson
  • "Performance on the Scanning Wizard ‘Switch’ Test: Switch Users and Controls," by Heidi Koester
  • "Pressure Distribution Properties of Seat Cushions for Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury: A Pilot Study," by Carrnen DiGiovine
  • "Propulsive Work Cost and Shoulder Movement During Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair Propulsion in Pediatrics," by Nuno Oliveira
  • "Rehabilitation Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians: Vital Members of the Assistive Technology Team," by Carrnen DiGiovine
  • "Smartbathroom: Developing a Smart Environment to Study Bathroom Transfers," by Brian Jones
  • "Speakup - an Interactive SPL Meter Android Application," by Leighanne Davis
  • "Test-Retest Reliability of the 3-Cone Test," by Mehdi Eshraghi
  • "The Age of 3D Printing Applications for Designer and User: A Model of Developing Wearable Assistive Tool for Wheelchair User ," by Tianyu Cui
  • "The Extent to Which Caregivers Enhance the Wheelchair Skills of Powered Wheelchair Users: A Cross-Sectional Study," by Lee Kirby
  • "The Impact of Small Changes in Seating Posture on Skin Vitality ," by Iris Hoogendoorn
  • "Use of Wheelmill System for Peak VO2 Measurement for Manual Wheelchair Users," by Joseph Klaesner
  • "User Evaluation of an Alternative Manual Drive System for Wheelchair Mobility," by Hailee Kulich
  • "Using Diverse Anatomical Sites for Haptic Exploration: An Exploratory Pilot Study ," by Lina Becerra