RESNA Standards Committee on Emergency Stair Travel Devices for Individuals with Disabilities (ESTD)

Chair: Glenn Hedman
University of Illinois Chicago - Assistive Technology Unit
Vice Chair: Edwina Juillet
Task Force on Fire & Life Safety
Secretary: Michael Boyce
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate

These standards affect individuals with mobility impairments, caregivers and organizations representing the technical needs of persons with mobility impairments, life safety operators, building owners and managers, life safety technology designators, code development and enforcement professionals, and manufacturers, researchers, designers, and test laboratories of emergency stair travel devices.

Work Program: 

RESNA ED-1 Evacuation Devices Volume 1: Emergency Stair Travel Devices for Individuals with Disabilities

The standard covers devices used for travel along stairs during emergency evacuations. This standard does not cover stair-climbing devices, incline platform lifts, or stairway chairlifts. It specifies vocabulary, methods of measurement, test methods and requirements for: dimensions and weight; seating and positioning; performance measures; strength and durability testing; operating limitations; disclosure requirements and inspection requirements.

The standard includes the following sections:

Section 1: Track-Type, Controlled-Descent, Manual Ascent Devices