RESNA Standards Committee on Wheelchair and Related Seating (WRS)

Chair: Barb Crane
Vice Chair: Evan Call
EC Service, Inc.
Secretary: Patricia Karg
University of Pittsburgh

These standards affect wheelchair users, caregivers and organizations representing the technical needs of persons with mobility impairments, Assistive Technology Practitioners and Assistive Technology Suppliers of Wheelchairs and Seating Devices, the Food and Drug Administration that manages wheelchairs as medical devices, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Medicare Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) who establish coding guidelines and establish policy for the provision of mobility technologies, manufacturers of wheelchairs, scooters and seating devices, and researchers, designers and test laboratories of wheelchair seating devices.

Work Program: 

RESNA WC-3 Wheelchairs Volume 3: Wheelchair Seating

This standard applies to all wheelchair seating and postural devices. It specifies test methods or methods of measurement for: vocabulary; the physical and mechanical characteristics; and static, impact and load strength testing. The standard includes the following sections:

  • Section 1: Vocabulary, reference axis convention and measures for body posture and postural support surfaces
  • Section 2: Determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of devices intended to manage tissue integrity Seat cushions
  • Section 3: Postural support devices Test methods for static, impact and repeated load strength