RESNA 26th International Annual Confence

Technology & Disability: Research, Design, Practice & Policy

June 19 to June 23, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia


Welcome to the Proceedings of RESNA 2003, our 26th International Conference. Building on the successes of our first quarter century, the 26th Conference introduced a new format and new opportunities for professional development. The contents of this CD represent our best and brightest: from our newest colleagues--the winners of our Student Design and Student Scientific Paper Competitions--to our seasoned veterans sharing experiences and results in Research, Practice, and Public Policy.

With our new electronic format, you will no longer have a book to sit on the shelf and collect dust. You will, however, have this disc to keep in a prominent place, ready for future reference. Access to this invaluable resource adds lasting value to your conference-going experience and is just one more way RESNA contributes to your year-round professional development.

We hope you enjoyed this year's conference and express our sincere thanks to the many people who made it possible. As you read through this year's Proceedings and see the range of content and formats that are available, we encourage you to consider submitting your own work for inclusion in next year's Conference.

Rich Simpson, Research Track Chair
Ray Grott, Practice Track Chair
Nell Bailey and Steve Mendelson, Public Policy Chairs

Jean Minkel, Conference 2003 Chair

Simon Margolis, RESNA President

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