RESNA 26th International Annual Confence

Technology & Disability: Research, Design, Practice & Policy

June 19 to June 23, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia


Welcome to the RESNA 26th International Conference. This year's conference includes over 200 presentations on all facets of assistive technology through workshop sessions, scientific platform sessions, interactive poster presentations, computer demonstrations, and the Research Symposium.

This Proceedings of the RESNA Conference attempts to capture some of the information that will be exchanged during the activities and events of the Conference. The scientific papers included in this document contain everything from recent scientific research to practical designs to case studies. Scientific content is grouped into 9 categories:

In addition, the winning papers for the Student Scientific Paper and Student Design competitions are also included.

RESNA 2003 resulted from the efforts of many people. Jean Minkel, in particular, has led the conference planning and organizing at both the local and national levels. Many thanks go to Ray Grott, coordinator for the Clinical Track, and Nell Bailey, coordinator of the Public Policy Track, and to the topic coordinators for the review process of the scientific papers: Bruce Fleming, Andy Lin, Laura Cohen, Micheline Nichols, Jimmy Abbas, Holly Yanco, Christine Appert, Shirley Fitzgerald, Edmund LoPresti, Nell Bailey and Donal Lauderdale. A big “thank you” should also go to the numerous reviewers of the individual scientific papers for their efforts in determining the final program. David Jaffe is to be commended for his leadership in coordinating the Research Symposium on Virtual Reality. I would also like to thank Glenn Hedman for leading the Student Design Competition and Jane Huggins for leading the Student Scientific Competition. Finally, the efforts of Sarah Bourke, Shannon Marullo, Tonya Vaughn, Larry Pencak and the rest of the RESNA staff are greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoy the Conference!

Richard Simpson, PhD ATP
Chair, Research Track

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