29th Annual RESNA Conference Proceedings

Assessing Reach and Workstation Height for Universal Design of Grocery Retail Checkstands.

David A Ringholz, MID and RL, Grubbs, MED


This article discusses the methodology and results of a pilot study conducted to measure the reach extents of a broad range of individuals. The research program is focused on collecting information that can be used to develop, test and evaluate universally designed grocery retail workstations in order to maximize independence and participation of diverse individuals in the workplace. The pilot study uses a two-phase, sequential mixed methods technique to obtain quantitative and qualitative results from a purposeful sample and then follow up with participants to probe and explore those results in depth. Preliminary results indicate that workstation height does affect user comfort and performance and that an optimum height can be derived through statistical analysis.


ergonomics, universal design, grocery retail checkstands, disability

Author Contact Information

David Ringholz, MID
Assistant Professor of Industrial Design
Georgia Tech College of Architecture
247 4 th St NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0155

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