29th Annual RESNA Conference Proceedings

Long Description:

Two histograms show total time required to score the black box version and the expert user version of MED-AUDIT. Data from both histograms plot using the same axes in order to show a visual comparison of the two. The Black Box version shows a dramatically shorter total time to score with much less variability than the Expert User version.

Each graph has the frequency of scorers on the Y axis ranging from 0-22 and the total time in minutes on the X axis ranging from 15-185. The black box version shows that 20 people took only 15 minutes, eight people took 25 minutes, and four people took 35 minutes to score this MED-AUDIT. The expert user version shows that two people took 15 minutes, 11 people took 25 minutes, five people took 35 minutes, seven people took 45 minutes, seven people took 55 minutes, four people took 65 minutes, three people took 95 minutes, two people took 105 minutes, two people took 115 minutes, and one person took 185 minutes to score this MED-AUDIT. Each histogram has a bell curve depicting the central tendency of time taken to score each MED-AUDIT. The black box version has a steep curve peaking sharply at 25 minutes while the expert user version has a shallow curve reaching its peak between 45 and 55 minutes.

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