29th Annual RESNA Conference Proceedings

Assistive Technology Program Viability

Joy Taylor-Wade, OTR, ATP, Roger O. Smith, PhD, OT


This study describes viability of assistive technology (AT) programs by (a) characterizing AT programs and (b) identifying factors that may impact their viability. 26 programs across the U.S. were surveyed by questionnaire, and included both current programs and those that have not survived. The questionnaire related to six areas: services, clientele, personnel, utilization, funding, and costs. Results revealed a wide variety of service delivery models as well as a variety of operational approaches in the programs. Despite the unique characteristics of each program, similarities were identified, such as: low reimbursement relative to the expense, expertise, and time intensity of services provided; lack of funding and increasing competition; and a need for financial support to offset the expense of non-billable time.


assistive technology program, service delivery program, viability

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