Design Changes of a Pediatric, Adjustable, Lightweight, Modular Wheelchair

Eun-Kyoung Hong, B.S1,2 ; Rory A. Cooper, PhD1,2 ; Joe Olson, B.S.1,2 ; Jonathan Pearlman, PhD1,2 ; Jeremy R. Puhlman, BS 1,2 ; David Boninger, PhD3
1 Human Engineering Research Laboratories, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, Pittsburgh, PA
2 Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, University of Pittsburgh
3 Three Rivers Holdings, LLC, AZ


pediatric; wheelchair; design


This paper explains the design changes of the second development phase of an adjustable, lightweight, modular pediatric wheelchair. The purposes of the design changes are to make improvements based on feedback from focus groups, ANSI-RESNA durability testing, and assessments made by subjects in the “real world”.


The study is funded by National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation on Research (NIDRR) (Grant # H133S050134).

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