Occupational Therapy and Interactive Telecommunications Program:  A Collaborative Look at Providing Technological Interventions

Laura Cohen PT, PhD, ATP and Stephen Sprigle PT, PhD
Georgia Institute of Technology, CATEA, Atlanta, GA


Many times, an occupational therapist or assistive technology practitioner experiences challenges with customizing devices for an individual’s use.  Often, attempting to create new technological interventions are challenging for the practitioner.  It can also be difficult to find resources to assist the customization and creation of technological interventions.  The collaboration between the Occupational Therapy Program/Assistive Technology Service at the NYU Medical Center and Interactive Telecommunication Communications Program (ITP) at NYU have bridged the gap of customization and creation of new technology to increase the functional abilities of the clients seen at the NYU Medical Center.


occupational therapy, assistive technology, switch scanning, locked-in syndrome

Holly A. Cohen
NYU Medical Center
Department of Occupational Therapy
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