Outcome Data Capture, Management and Reporting Tools
Frank DeRuyter, PhD, Marcus Fuhrer, PhD, Louise Demers, PhD, James Lenker, PhD, Jeffrey Jutai, PhD


For the relatively few assistive technology device (ATD) outcomes related tools available to clinicians, most are completed using paper/pencil which requires substantial effort entering data into a central database for analysis. Direct entry web-based interfaces and/or portable devices (PDA’s, bar-coders, digital pens, tablets, etc) can facilitate efficient data collection by porting data (synchronously or asynchronously) into a main data collection/repository site. Presentation will discuss via video clips various outcome data collection tools developed and beta-tested by the Consortium for Assistive Technology Outcomes Research (CATOR), as well as demonstration of strategies and tools for the management and reporting of clinical outcome data results.


web-based data entry; data capture, data information dashboards


The authors are members of CATOR (http://www.atoutcomes.org/). This work was supported in part by grant H133A010401 from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.


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