Estimation of Object Location Using a Synchronous Ultrasonic Emitting for Use in the Guide System for the Blind

Chang-Geol Kim1 , Jun-Gil Hwang1 , Kun-Min Rhee, PhD1 ., Hong-Ki Min, PhD2 ., Byung-Seop Song, PhD1 .
1 Daegu University, School of Rehabilitation Science, Daegu, Korea

2 University of Incheon, Dept. of Information & Telecommunication Eng., Incheon, Korea


A 3-D object finding device to use in the guide system for the blind using simultaneous ultrasonic wave firing was introduced. To find out exact distance from an obstacle, multiple ultrasonic sensors simultaneously emit ultrasound waves with equal frequency and intensity, and the sensors receive reflected waves which arrive in the sensors for the first time. Using the designed device, object finding experiments were carried out and the results showed the effectiveness of the proposed method.


guide system, the blind, wearable system


This work was supported by the Brain Korea 21 Project in 2009.

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