Detecting Deep Tissue Injury using Serum and Urine Biomarker in a Rat Model
Mohsen Makhsous, PhD1-4 , Atek Pandya, BS1-2 , Mauli Modi, MS2 , Briana Reprogle2 , Christopher C. Chadwick PhD5 , Fang Lin, DSc1-3 Depts of 1 SMPP, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, 2 PTHMS, 3 PM&R, 4 Orthopaedic Surgery, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 5 Life Diagnostics, Inc., West Chester, PA, USA


The study investigated the critical changes of the serum and urine biomarkers associated with the tissue damage in pressure induced deep tissue injury (DTI) in spinal cord injury (SCI) condition on rats. The concentrations of myoglobin and H-FABP were tested from blood and urine samples collected before and at several time points within 7 days after the hindlegs were compressed. It was found that myoglobin elevated dramatically from 33.8±53.4ng/mL to 1132.3±59.3ng/mL and from 1.7±0.7ng/mL to 574.0±522.2ng/mL in serum and urine, respectively, within 24 hours post-compression and returned to baseline after 48 hours. Serum H-FABP rose from 0.78±0.55ng/mL to 43.91±10.8ng/mL. The peak value of these markers occurred at 24 to 72 hours post compression. Histological analysis and MRI imaging confirmed the massive muscle injury introduced by the compression. These preliminary results suggest that the tested biomarkers may have future clinical value to sense the formation of DTI in SCI population.

Key words:

Biomarker; Myoglobin; H-FABP; Spinal Cord Injury; Deep Tissue Injury; Blood; urine.


The project was supported by NIH Award #K25 HD051983-01A1. The authors are grateful of Ziyan Wang, Micheal Bajema and Dongkeun Lee for their help with data collection, apparatus fabrication, and data processing.Serum and Urine Biomarker Elevation in DTI in a Rat SCI/DTI Model                RESNA 33rd Int. Conf., June 26-30, 2010

Correspondence Author:

 Mohsen Makhsous, Dept of Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences, Northwestern Univ., 645 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1100, Chicago, IL 60611. Phone 312-503- 0073. Email:

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