Sitting Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Prevention Technology: A Focus Group Discussion
Celia Rodrigues, PTS, Beth Sawitz, PTS, Danielle Shugard, PTS, Julia Surdut, PTS, Matthew Hughes, CES, Jason Irr, EES, Charles DiMarzio, PhD
Electrical & Computer Engineering, CenSSIS, Northeastern University, & Susan H. Ventura, PT, PhD, ATP, Physical Therapy, Northeastern University 


The Pressure Ulcer Risk Evaluation System (PURES) is an interdisciplinary research project being conducted by physical therapy (PT), electrical engineering, and computer engineering students with a goal of improving existing technology in pressure ulcer risk assessment. To investigate what areas of improvement would be most beneficial in a clinical setting, a focus group involving eight clinicians (PTs and OTs who are also ATPs) was conducted. The two questions posed to the focus group were: 1) What improvements or expansions in pressure mapping technology would be most beneficial for assessing which cushion meets the needs of a particular individual? 2) What type of data would be most beneficial in justifying the cost the cushion prescribed?


pressure mapping; pressure ulcers; risks factors; assessment; technology.

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Celia M. Rodrigues, PTS, Northeastern University, Department of Physical Therapy, 360 Huntington Avenue, 301K RB, Boston, MA 02115, EMAIL:  

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