U.S. Tag Subgroup to ISO TC 173/SC 1 - Wheelchairs

The RESNA Assistive Technology Standards Board (ATSB) and Committees serve as the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 173/SC1. Particular ATS Committees serve as U.S. TAG Subgroups. For example, the RESNA Committee on Wheelchairs and Transportation serves as a U.S. TAG Subgroup for ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 6. 

ISO Related Activities 
ISO / TC 173 Assistive Products for Persons with Disabilities
ISO/TC 173/SC 1 Wheelchairs
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 1 Test Methods
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 6 Wheelchair Restraint Systems
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 8 Stair Traversing Devices
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 10 Electro-technical Systems
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 11 Wheelchair Seating