RESNA Annual Conference - 2020

2020 RESNA Virtual Conference

The RESNA conference has been an annual event for going on 40 years. This year, the covid-19 pandemic nearly upset our plans. But thanks to our volunteer leadership and supporters, RESNA 2020 took place virtually September 23 – 24.

With the theme “Enter the RESNA Universe,” the virtual experience reflected on 40 years of RESNA conference history, love of technology, and deep belief in human potential. Many assistive technology professionals remember their first RESNA conference fondly, as a time when they discovered other like-minded professionals engaged whole-heartedly in making the world a better and more inclusive place through technology. At RESNA, it does not matter whether your interest is wheelchairs, communication, computer access, job accommodations, or any other assistive technology – you belong. It was no accident that for many years, RESNA’s conference logo paid homage to the television show “Star Trek,” with its takeoff on the Starfleet Federation insignia. Like the voyagers on the Starship Enterprise, RESNA members were – and are today – a part of something bigger.

We were gratified to capture that spirit of discovery and limitless potential during the conference, along with plenty of networking and fun. RESNA 2020 included:

We had over 450 attendees go on this journey with us, and the comments and evaluations were off the charts positive. Even though we could not meet in person, we were surprised how much we could still network, catch up with old friends, and above all, enjoy the insights, innovations, and learnings of our fellow colleagues. We are so pleased that this initial voyage into the RESNA Universe, with its’ call to “boldly go where no AT pro has gone before,” was a success. Please enjoy these proceedings, and remember, regardless of whether we can be together “live” or virtually, you have a home at RESNA.

Stay safe,

Mary Ellen Buning, PhD, OT, ATP/SMS