Notes of Optimal Viewing of the Proceedings

RESNA 28th Annual Conference - Atlanta, Georgia


In keeping with RESNA's commitment to make all RESNA publications accessible while maintaining a visually attractive appearance for our sighted members, this proceedings has been generated with great care toward accessibility.

The menu to the left is generated using CSS and Javascript technologies, to provide an interactive but fully accessible navigation system. The page layout, including line spacing, indenting, and header formatting is also produced using CSS layout.

Because of this, the proceedings will look best if viewed in a browser that is fully standards compliant. The appearance has been checked in the major browsers for the PC and Mac platform, including Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari and of course, Internet Explorer. The interface is fully functional in all browsers, however there are some rendering abnormalities in Internet Explorer, which is not fully standards compliant.

If you have any difficulty viewing any of the pages in the proceedings, either in your browser or through assistive technologies, please notify me, via the RESNA office, so that we can, in the future, make our publications as accessible as possible.

Thank you.


Denis Anson, Proceedings Editor