Take-off Strategies Used to Initiate Wheelchair Wheelies

RESNA 28th Annual Conference - Atlanta, Georgia

Kim Parker, MASc, R. Lee Kirby, MD, Edvin B. Koshi, MD, Donald A. MacLeod, MSc, John Kozey, PhD


We studied 20 wheelie-capable participants, each of whom twice performed a stationary wheelie on a smooth level surface. Classified by the nature and timing of rear-wheel displacement with respect to pitch angle, as measured by potentiometers, 4 take-off strategies were identified: 13 (39%) were by using forward-only displacement, 8 (24%) by using backward displacement to initiate caster lift-off followed by some amount of forward displacement, 6 (18%) by using backwards displacement followed by forward displacement that initiated caster lift-off, and 6 (18%) by using no significant rear-wheel displacement. These findings have implications for training.

Keywords: Wheelchair, Wheelie, Rehabilitation, Wheelchair skills


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