Efficacy of the Wheelchair Skills Training Program for Community-Based Manual Wheelchair Users: A Randomized Controlled Trial

RESNA 28th Annual Conference - Atlanta, Georgia

Krista L. Best, MSc, R. Lee Kirby, MD, Cher Smith, BScOT, Donald A. MacLeod, MSc


We tested the hypothesis that the Wheelchair Skills Training Program (WSTP) is efficacious for community-based manual wheelchair users. Twenty participants were randomly allocated into WSTP or Control groups. The WSTP group completed a mean (±SD) of 4.5 (±0.7) hours of training. Within-group comparisons showed a relative increase in Wheelchair Skills Test (WST) scores from pre- to post-training of 24% (p=0.0002) for the WSTP group compared to 5% (p=0.60) for the Control group. The WSTP group had significantly greater improvement (p=0.0008). The WSTP is an efficacious method of improving the wheelchair skills of community-based manual wheelchair users.

Keywords: Community-based; wheelchair skills program; wheelchair skills test; motor learning

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