Validity Analysis: MED-AUDIT (Medical Equipment Device-Accessibility and Universal Design Information Tool)

Rochelle Mendonca, M.S., OT, Roger O. Smith, Ph.D., OT
Rehabilitation Research Design and Disability Center (R2D2) – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


This study provides a preliminary validity analysis of the two versions of the MED-AUDIT: the Black Box and the Expert User. Research questions explored subjective post-use face and administrative validity for the two versions. The study found that both versions demonstrated similar indices for face validity in terms of comprehensiveness of questions covered in the assessment. Results for administrative validity showed that there were significant differences in times required to score the two versions with the Black Box requiring lesser time than the Expert User (5). However, there were no differences in participants’ perceptions of the ease of scoring the two versions or in the amount of training required. This study is the first step in the validation of the MED-AUDIT and will play a significant role in future studies as well as further development.


Measurement, accessibility, MED-AUDIT, validity, medical instrumentation

Author Contact Information:

Rochelle Mendonca, MS, OT,
Rehabilitation Research Design and Disability (R2D2) Center
2400 E. Hartford Ave.
Enderis Hall, Room No. 135
Milwaukee, WI, 53211
Office Phone: (414)412-1280


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