Figure 1 Description


Screen shot of the web-based form that the user uses to select what data is to be graphed (using radio buttons) and what three states/territories to compare for fiscal years 1997 to 2004 (using three drop-downs). The user can also select from three different output file formats (PNG, Flash, JPEG) for the graph.


This figure is a screen shot of a web-based form. The page title displayed as the window name is 'Select States to Compare – RSA-911 graphs – ATOMS Project'. The page heading is 'Select Data Set and States to Compare FT 1997-2004'. There is a series of four radio buttons to allow for selection of the data set; 'Percent that Received RT by Cases that were Successful vs. Unsuccessful', 'Average Total Cost of Services for Cases that Did and Did Not Receive RT', 'Average Total Cost of Services for Cases that Received RT and were Successful vs. Unsuccessful', and 'Average Total Cost of Services for Cases that Did Not Receive RT and were Successful vs. Unsuccessful'. Three drop down menus follow to allow selection of up to three states or territories. The first drop down menu has 'Wisconsin' selected. The second drop down menu has 'District of Columbia' selected. The third drop down menu does not have any selection and shows 'Select a state'. A group of three radio buttons allows selection of the output format of the graph images. The first radio button is labeled 'PNG - medium quality, small file, and compatible with most browsers', and is the default choice. The second is labeled 'Flash - high quality, can zoom in/out, but difficult to print (requires Flash player)'. The third is labeled 'JPEG - low quality, but compatible with all browsers'. The final item on this page is a button labeled 'Submit' which is used to submit the search parameters.



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