Developing AAC-Resources for Children and Adults with Communicative Disabilities. Building an Infra-Structure in Russia and Belorus.

Lia Kalinnikova, PhD, Magnus Magnusson, PhD



Research institutions in the Russian Federation and Sweden have agreed to develop a fram-work project, focussing on the establishment and development of an infra-structure within the Russian Federation for AAC. The target groups are children as well as adults and the work will involve a large amount of basic investigation into the needs in the Archangelsk region which is the main target region and the city of Minsk in the Republic of Belorus. A framework project is planned for the next five years and it will include a large amount of education for special professional target groups, whereby awareness of the possibilities connected with AAC will be established.


AAC, Children, Adults, Infra-structure, R&D

Magnus Magnusson
Stockholm Institute of Education
Box 341 03
+46 8 737 57 64


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